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 In my experience learning to meditate is not just a tool but a gift to your mind and body.  I have attended Nicole's meditation and coaching classes and found her method of teaching to be easy, relaxed and very enjoyable.  She answers questions simply and helps make the practice of meditation a beautiful experience.  I highly recommend Nicole as a teacher and coach.

Eileen, Inverloch, Vic
 Nicole is an intelligent, kind and inspiring teacher who is passionate about helping others to experience their inner peace. 
She is down-to earth, with a wealth of life experience, and has a relaxed, fun and engaging personality. 
She is a clear teacher of the principles of meditation, with a deep personal experience of inner silence and stillness. 

Petrina Williams, M. Psych.
 N-E Vic

Is it time for change?

What would it mean if you could simply let go of stress?

Would you be more productive focusing on the here and now rather than past or future?

Would you have the space to be more inspirational and creative?

Would you feel relaxed, content and peaceful no matter what is going on around you?

Can you imagine the positive impact on you, your team and your business?

Simply let go of stress and be all that you can be NOW.

I offer simple and practical conscious coaching and meditation based on my experience transforming from a stress head workaholic to a modern day monk.  

Be all that you can be NOW




We are not meant to live life in a constant state of stress yet so many of us do.  I know from my own experience the negative impact it has on your mind, your body and those around you - the first step to changing it is acknowledging that.  I also know from experience, even that can be a big step as usually when you are stuck in exhaustion and overwhelm it feels like there is no space for anything else; no space to even realise that you are perpetually stressed, because you are just focused on doing what you need to do to get through the day.  

I am passionate about inspiring stressed people to get past the exhaustion and overwhelm.  My coaching is focused on meditation and simple techniques for getting conscious in a gentle and nurturing way as it is really important to not add more stress to your life by stepping into change; and yet you do need to take action if you are ready for change.

Coaching assists and supports you in sustainable change.  

If you are ready for change get in touch and we can chat about possibilities.   

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Be all that you can be NOW


Be all that you can be NOW


WATCH -  A Mindful Choice - the movie about the life changing impact of Ascension.  

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In our modern world there are so many ways we experience stress both physically and mentally. It would be unrealistic to think that we can create a life where we never experience stress.  Meditation is the ultimate tool to gently heal your nervous system and continuously let go of stress so you can be present to here and now.  I know this from my own experience from practising and teaching meditation.  

Practising any form of meditation is better than no meditation at all. Think of it as the key to keeping your mind and body healthy just like going to a gym.  

Where most people fail with meditation is not keeping up with the practise  - quite simply thinking about it isn't doing it! Which,funnily enough is also like going to a gym - how many of us have gym memberships we rarely use? 

Don't do what I did and take years to realise that.  If you want to experience the truly amazing benefits of meditation you need to be committed.  Having a teacher that can guide and support you in your practise is going to help you achieve that sooner rather than later.

I teach a simple, easy and effective form of meditation called Ascension which is taught live, face to face. 

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