Simply Let Go of Stress

Learn simple meditation techniques with on going one on one coaching to support you in your practice so you fully realise the benefits - because thinking about it isn't doing it! 

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Learn simple meditation techniques called "Ascension" from the Ishayas of The Bright Path.  Go to for more information.

These techniques are taught face to face either one on one or in a group.

The first 4 techniques are taught in either 4 x 2 hour sessions or you can join a First Sphere weekend course. 

Click on the below link to see First Sphere courses scheduled in your area  

Or get in touch and we can determine a program that works for you.

 In my experience learning to meditate is not just a tool but a gift to your mind and body.  I have attended Nicole's meditation and coaching classes and found her method of teaching to be easy, relaxed and very enjoyable.  She answers questions simply and helps make the practice of meditation a beautiful experience.  I highly recommend Nicole as a teacher and coach.

Eileen, Inverloch, Vic
 Nicole is an intelligent, kind and inspiring teacher who is passionate about helping others to experience their inner peace. 
She is down-to earth, with a wealth of life experience, and has a relaxed, fun and engaging personality. 
She is a clear teacher of the principles of meditation, with a deep personal experience of inner silence and stillness. 

Petrina Williams, M. Psych.
 N-E Vic


What would it mean to you if you could simply let go of stress?

Would you be more productive, focusing on the here and now rather than the past or future?

Would you have the space to be more inspirational and creative?

Would you feel relaxed, content and peaceful no matter what is going on around you?

Can you imagine the positive impact on you, your team and your company?

Simply let go of stress and be all that you can be NOW!

Note, this is a different practice to Mindfulness.

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Coaching gives you the support and guidance to ensure you are making the most of your practice.  

One of the most important aspects of meditation is the commitment to actually doing it so that you experience the benefits.  However, this can also be one of the biggest hurdles because we all have busy lives and it is so easy to let other priorities take over.  

Make the commitment to yourself and your practice and get the support to ensure you achieve all you desire.

Coaching sessions are one on one either online or face to face.

Get in touch and we can determine a program that works for you. 


Imagine the impact of your whole team having the tools to simply let go of stress!

Our simple 4 week Team Program includes learning the first 2 x Ascension techniques based on Praise and Gratitude and 2 group coaching sessions.

On completion of the program the participants will be provided with a voucher to enable them to learn the rest of the techniques at a First Sphere at a discounted price if they choose.  

Additional on going team coaching can be arranged.

Or if you want to talk about other possibilities get in touch and we can determine a program that works for you.



Corporate Experience
Learn and be coached by somebody who has worked for years in the corporate world and actually experienced the life changing effect from practising these techniques - the key is in actually doing it, this is where coaching is invaluable.   
Mechanical Techniques
These meditation techniques are effortless, purely mechanical. They work in perfect harmony with the natural tendencies of the mind and body.
Thoughts are OK
If you think you think too much to meditate think again, as these techniques are completely natural thoughts can never stop or slow this form of meditation.  
No crossing of legs or specific postures required, just get comfortable no matter where you are - sitting up, lying down, in the office, at home, on the train, plane, car......where ever you are.
Use throughout the day
Use these techniques with your eyes open as well as your eyes closed so you can continually let go of stress throughout the day.

Our mission is to allow simple inspiration through letting go of stress and creating space and harmony. 

Our vision is to "Be All That You Can Be NOW!".

Nicole Thackray (also known as Sri Dhara) is the founder of Simply Inspire Pty Ltd which has been created out of her desire to share her experience of more than 12 years of the meditation practice "The Ishayas Ascension of The Bright Path" which resulted in her becoming a qualified teacher and her more recent training in coaching at The Coaching Institute. 

Because she was a bit of a stress head workaholic Manager, it was very apparent when she actually did practice the meditation techniques how simple it was to let go of stress, staying focused on the tasks at hand rather than worrying about the past or future, being so much more productive, creative and inspirational while experiencing expansive peace and joy. This of course not only had a positive impact on her but also her team, colleagues, family and friends.  

It took Nicole a while to really get how simple this practice is and how thinking about doing it, isn't actually doing it.  If you make the effort to do the practice you will reap the rewards, you will simply live life fully. 

Nicole wants to inspire you to live life fully so that you can inspire others to live life fully, so that others can inspire others to live life fully...... imagine the impact if we all do this!  

It really is SIMPLE and it really is POSSIBLE.  

How could she not share this with those who are ready to be all that you can be NOW?!  





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Contact us for your free strategy session - be all that you can be NOW!


Contact us for your free strategy session - be all that you can be NOW!


WATCH -  A Mindful Choice - the new movie about the life changing impact of Ascension.  

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