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Create an environment that embraces uniqueness whilst unlocking your team's potential. 


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Learn simple mechanical techniques that you use eyes closed and eyes open throughout the day to continuously let go of stress.  Remain present, focused on the tasks at hand and in a space of openness and harmony so you are consciously choosing for your most resourceful behaviours. 

Optimise your performance and effectiveness in your job and as a team which naturally leads to a greater state of happiness for all.

There are many different forms of meditation with the same or similar goals.  What makes this form of meditation different is that you don't need to try to do it. The techniques are designed to work no matter what you believe. Stop thinking about how it should or could be and start experiencing the benefits of meditation.  

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 In my experience learning to meditate is not just a tool but a gift to your mind and body.  I have attended Nicole's meditation and coaching classes and found her method of teaching to be easy, relaxed and very enjoyable.  She answers questions simply and helps make the practice of meditation a beautiful experience.  I highly recommend Nicole as a teacher and coach.

Eileen, Inverloch, Vic
 Nicole is an intelligent, kind and inspiring teacher who is passionate about helping others to experience their inner peace. 
She is down-to earth, with a wealth of life experience, and has a relaxed, fun and engaging personality. 
She is a clear teacher of the principles of meditation, with a deep personal experience of inner silence and stillness. 

Petrina Williams, M. Psych.
 N-E Vic


Would you love to take you and your team to the next level but feel like you don't have the time to work out how to go about it?

Do you recognise that your team are your greatest asset and yet sometimes you just don't understand their behaviour? 

Allow me to partner with you and your team to simply decode who you are as individuals and how those behaviours fit together as a team, identifying strengths, gaps and opportunities to go beyond your limitations. 

Let's create an environment based on appreciation and gratitude with simple tools to let go of stress and stay connected, focused on your goals and maximising performance.

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As a coach I hold the space and provide tools for you and your team to dive deep into exploring who you are, empowering you to discover and realise your full potential. 

One of the great tools I recommend is Extended DISC behavioural profiling (not to be confused with personality profiling which you may have already experienced) which puts some structure around identifying your conscious and unconscious behaviours.   To have a clear understanding of how to effectively communicate and motivate all members of the team and to be able to identify the core behaviours in colleagues and clients is absolute GOLD!

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Hello! My name is Nicole Thackray (also known as Sri Dhara) and I am the founder of Simply Inspire Pty Ltd which has been created out of my desire to inspire as many people as possible to choose to happily live to their fullest potential.

I have a particular desire to inspire teams in the workplace because that is where a lot of us spend a large portion of our life!

That is where I have spent most of my life for the last 30 years, in various industries and various roles, with more than 20 years management experience. There have been lots of changes over that time - I learnt to touch type on a typewriter! I can remember the first time I used a computer at work and the first time we got the world wide web. WOW!!!





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Contact me for your free strategy session - be all that you can be NOW


Contact me for your free strategy session - be all that you can be NOW


WATCH -  A Mindful Choice - the new movie about the life changing impact of Ascension.  



Step 1. Learn meditation techniques - create a foundation based on appreciation and

Step 2. Individual Extended DISC behaviour profile analysis coaching sessions.

Step 3. Team Extended DISC analysis coaching session.

Step 4. Ongoing coaching to support you to BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE NOW

I don’t know if you can relate to this but often I would think, “there has to be more to life”.  There has to be more than getting up, going to work, getting as much done as possible, coming home, sleeping, getting up and doing it all again. It didn't feel like much of a life. I didn't have a particular passion for accounting, it was just what I ended up doing.  I didn’t have any qualifications, however, I successfully worked my way up to Financial Controller and C.F.O. roles. I am sure you can imagine that I have had to put in a lot of time and effort to do that! I have had some great opportunities over the years and achieved a lot. I enjoyed being a manager most of all, making a difference to the team and the company.  And yet I wasn’t happy, often stressed and tired and feeling like I wasn’t enough, like something was missing, like there had to be more. 

Several years ago I was at a meditation retreat where I experienced such a profoundly deep level of peace that I couldn’t ignore it.  It was like, in that moment, the old stressed me just disappeared; didn’t exist anymore. I realised there really was more to life and it was inside me.

And so began my journey to becoming a meditation teacher; something I never dreamed I would do.  I was a sensible, dedicated, corporate employee!.  I left my job of 13 years and went to Spain for 3 months to meditate.  The following 5 years I worked and continued my journey of self discovery through my meditation practice. Over time, I realised when I regularly practised meditation it was far easier to choose for peace.  Stress didn’t stick to me in the same way – sure I still experienced stress but I could more easily let it go.  There is a big contrast when I don’t keep up with my regular meditation practice. To be honest, I have become a bit of an expert on this because so many times I would make other things a priority rather than sitting down for 20 minutes, closing my eyes and meditating. Eventually……..I got it; I made meditation a priority and felt whole and complete in a way I again couldn't ignore.  I really wanted to shout from the roof tops - "if I can experience this, so can you!"  So I went back to Spain for another 3 months and completed the teacher training. 

Afterwards I decided to do a coaching course as the content is essentially about becoming more conscious which is aligned with what I had learnt and experienced through meditating. I love that coaching is not about me fixing you, it is about empowering you to make choices aligned with your fullest potential. We are where we are today because of the choices we have made; change your choices and you will change your life. 

I am passionate about creating a team environment based on appreciation and gratitude, that embraces uniqueness as individuals and as a team, where you are supported and encouraged to unlock your potential.

Why?  Because we all want to be happy.  Because an environment like this provides a sense of connection and community; it is somewhere we want to be, we are happy, we are growing, we are exceeding expectations.  We happily complete the required tasks and focus on the goals and, more than that we are open to possibilities, innovation and inspiration. The team members are happy, the team is happy, the manager is happy, the company is happy!

If you are open and ready to do things differently....get in all that you can be NOW! 

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